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Meet the Chef

Thank you for visiting my restaurant Asian Noodle website!

My name is Susana Fassbender I was born and raised in the Philippines, I’m the eldest in a family of 8.

My parents are avid business people I always admired them no matter what, they always worked hard and made sure we had food on the table.

I attended school in the Philippines until I was 18, I then decided to travel and discover most of the other Asian Countries. I visited a lot of public markets and eateries and enjoyed all of the culinary differences Asian nations have to offer!

Food is my best friend 😍 good food! Asian countries are Big in Street Foods so on my Excursion Days I would visit them and eat, taste and savor the terrific aromas of spices. I loved visiting different countries and different cultures just like Anthony Bourdain.

I Always told myself… “One day I will open a restaurant!” So here I am today sharing my fashions, my dreams, my culture, and the Authenticity of my Roots and the Cleanliness of Good Food.

Stop by Asian Noodle I will be your personal chef, The Asian Infusion Healthy and Delicious right here in Bay City! This is my Home!

“Be humble respect each other and keep up with what’s trending in the Restaurant and Food Industry!” – Susan Fassbender